see some Castanea Train Station history here.
1979-80  Talk about establishing a local Railroad club. Two newspaper ads and other local events such as The Great Model Train Race in Renovo proved there was an interest in a club.
July 15, 1980  The club was founded at the 2nd meeting held at the Clinton County Courthouse Annex. Thirteen people in attendance became Charter Members.
Late July 1980  Club members toured the basement of the Old Lock Haven Hospital on Susquehanna Avenue to possibly locate a home for the new club.
August 1980 The Club House opened for the first time at the Clinton County Cultural Center on North Fairview St. in Lock Haven. This building was the old Bloomsburg Silk Mill.
September 20-21
1st Train Meet was held by the Club at the Cultural Center.  Attendance of over 1000 people. This was the first event of the club that was open to the public.

October 1980 Work started on a layout. Name of the Club established, now to be called the Clinton Central Model Railroad Club. Un-common Stock was sold to promote the Club.
December 9, 1980 The Clinton Central Model Railroad Club signed a memorandum of understanding with Lock Haven State  College to rent space in the back of Price Auditorium. Members who participated in the signing Charles McLaughin, Sam Cross, Millard Wall, Paul and Phil Gibson, Chris Donovan, Duwayne Kunes, Bill O’Brien, Robert Leckey, Richard McCarty and William Tyson
January 23, 1981 Due to the sale of the Clinton County Cultural Center the Club was requested to vacate the premises no later than 1/24/81. Because of this the Club established a P O Box address as a temporary mailing address until the new clubhouse could be moved into. All Club items were stored at the Clinton County Courthouse Annex.
March 1981  The Club moves into Price Auditorium.
June 1981 Election of Officers held. After removing items left by college, installed new lighting, and repaired broken windows work began on the new layout.
October 4, 1981 Public Train Meet moved to Avis Fire Hall.
1982 Work on layout progressing throughout the year.
June 1982 The 5th grade from McGhee Elementary toured an operating layout.
July 8, 1983 A newspaper article reported ”impressive” about the work done to date on the layout. It was estimated for the article that the finished layout would cost about $15,000 to complete. There was 700 scale feet of track completed and engines lettered “Clinton Central” was running on the layout.
October 7, 1984 Public Train Meet moved from the Avis Fire Hall to the Dunnstown Fire Hall for the fall 1984 and fall 1985 meets.
Late 1987 Club received word from Lock Haven University that Price Auditorium was to be remodeled. A new location for the Club would soon be needed.
March 22, 1988 A contract was awarded for the renovation of Price Auditorium.
On March 30, 1988 a “job conference meeting” was held and the club had to move.
June 22, 1988 Officials of Emery distilleries, the Clinton County Historical Society and members of the Club transferred the deed of the Castanea Railroad Station. This donation by Emery to the Historical Society was done to ensure the preservation of a unique structure in Clinton County and to provide the Clinton Central Railroad club with a permanent meeting and display location.
July 1988  Work was started at the Castanea Station to transform the Freight Room into a bright, modern layout space.
October 30, 1988 After a 2-year absence; the Train Meet was relocated to the Avis Fire Hall
Spring 1989   The first “Spring” Train Meet was held at the Avis Fire Hall.
Work continued at the Castanea Station.
April 17,1992
At  8:00 P.M.
A double track loop of track had been completed and the first trains to be ran on the new layout were operated by Jim Hill (charter member #1) and Bill Tyson (charter member #2). Much more work to the layout would be coming.

April 10, 1994 All Train Meets move to the Comfort Inn Lamar
November 2, 1996 Held a one time Train Meet at the American Legion Post #617 in South Williamsport  Pa.
October 12, 1997  Train Meet moves to the Hope Hose Co. in Lock Haven Pa.
April 11, 1999 Train Meet moves to the Mill Hall Vol. Fire Co.
October 10, 2020 Train Meet moves to the Clinton County Fairgrounds, Mill Hall, PA
November 13, 2022 Train Meet moves to the Woodward Fire Company, Linden, PA